Mobile Coffee Bars should offer more than great Coffee!
They should be excitingly interactive, perfectly organised, and fully customizable.

The new #CoffeeInACone Mobile Solution will give you the oppertunity to create great social media exposure for your brand whilst giving your cliental or Friends a taste of heaven...InACone!

Book #CoffeeInACone for your Wedding, Birthday parties, Corprate events, School Events etc.

Don't drink coffee?

 We have 3 Exciting new flavours to suit all ages.

whitehotchocolate logo

White Hot Chocolate

swisshotchocolate logo

Swiss Hot Chocolate

cappuccino logo


Custom Branding Options

Wedding, Birthday Party or Corporate Event? #CoffeeInACone offers a unique branding opportunity as all our elements can be custom branded to suit you!

Custom Expo Booth logo

Custom Expo Booth

The #CoffeeInACone Pop up table can be co-branded with your colours and logo. All we will need is your Corporate Identity or Logos and Colours and our In-House design team will handle the rest.

Frothing Unit logo

Frothing Unit

The #ConoFrothing Stand is a uniquly designed perspex stand that protects the #ConoFrother and also gives you an oppertunity to talk to your customer.

Custom tags logo

Custom tags

We offer another branding mechanism which allows you to communiated with your customer. The Branded tag sticks directly onto the #CoffeeInACone sleeve allowing you to benefit from any potential social media posts.

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